Friday, June 12, 2009


Well, today is the day. Stitches come out. I'll be handling this myself, since I am qualified, but that certainly doesn't make it easy. I know she'll be freaking out, and I'll need some restrain assistance for sure. But we can do it.

On another note, Emma will be going to the doctor today to get a prescription for her allergies. They have been so bad this year. The Zyrtec isn't doing a dang thing for her, so it's time for something stronger.

Maggie will also be going to the doctor today (goodbye, $40 in copays!) for a different kind of problem. You see, I took the kids to the Forest Preserve yesterday for a little hike. We did a 2 mile loop, and the kids didn't have to stop once! Maggie was so proud of herself. I was very proud of her, too. You see, Maggie is not a nature lover. She hates anything that flies, crawls, creeps, or wiggles. So she was basically in her own personal Hell yesterday. But she was a trooper and made it through.

We were nearly done, when she feels a bite on the back of her left knee. She swats at whatever it was, and brings her hand up, and it's covered in blood. I thought she had just gotten a mosquito mid-bite, and perhaps it had tapped an artery or something. ;) Well, on the way home, she said she didn't feel well, and the rest of the day, she was limping all around. This morning I checked it out, and there is a red hot swollen area the size of a dinner plate from the back of her knee, around the side, and up and down from her thigh to her ankle. It's probably something that needs to be checked out, and perhaps treated with a steroid.

So today isn't really FFF. At least not for you. I, on the other hand, get to play doctor, which will thrill the heck out of Sugar Daddy.

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Kelli said...

Now Maggie has another reason to hate the outdoors. Poor Mags!

Have fun at the Dr. and playing Dr.!

grannybabs said...

I don't miss doctor visits with kids.

Now I get to go by myself.

Not much fun either way!

At least my current visits are paid for by Workman's Comp!!

Meg & Josh said...

Poor Maggie, she just can't catch a break. In fact, sounds like none of your kids can!