Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I was really motivated yesterday.

Mostly I was tired of the kids complaining that they were bored, so I decided to take them to the City.

All. My. Byself.

Here they are, waiting for our train. They ride for free, so we only had to pay $12 for me for the Metra. Bargain, huh?

Enjoying the pouring rain after spending the day inside the Field Museum. That place is awesome! I'm so geeky like that, I love all the tidbits of information that most people would find useless. Maybe I should have gone into museum sciences or something like that?

Seriously, though. When the museum closed, we headed out with the throngs of other people, and started hailing cabs. Maggie loves taxi's, btw. After standing a torrential rain for 45 minutes, having a single lady steal a cab right out from under me and the soaking wet kids, and knowing we were going to miss our express train home, I decided to walk to opposite direction of the crowd just to see if I could grab a random cab.

It worked.

We made it to the station about 10 minutes after our train's scheduled departure.

But, the Karma Gods were smiling down on us, because the train was still boarding when we arrived. We made it! Express all the way from Chicago to Glenview, which saves about 20 minutes of commute time. Which is priceless when you have 3 soaking wet kids!

A parting shot of the Field Museum. It is a wonderful place to visit. I plan on returning soon, and doing the Underground Experience.

So that was my day of motivation. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's unforgettable.

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Shannon Watson said...

What a great trip! *pat on the head* Good Mommy! *laugh* No, seriously, that's awesome. I took Marli and Rach in to the Children's Museum at Navy Pier last summer and while I thought I was going to go insane :), we all survived and had a memorable time.

BTW, if you guys happened to get 6 Flags passes, we'd be happy to bring your two older ones along with us one of these days! We usually go on Wednesdays but we're flexible. :)

grannybabs said...

Looks like a great place to go. I never took my kids to museums - I counted on the schools to do that - and I have a daughter getting a masters in Museum Studies, so I guess it worked!!

(I like to go to museums by myself.)

Meg & Josh said...

SO fun! You are so brave!

Amber said...

I've been dying to see the new pirate exhibit, did you see it? How was it?

Jessica said...

That is my FAV museum. I have heard people say it is boring. But NO WAY. The traveling exhibitions are so fun and you can't pass up seeing Sue! Glad you had fun, and don't get me started about Chicago'ans and kids. How rude, but glad you had fun, you brave lady!

bonny with a Y said...

the field museum is awesome - and so are trains - good job getting a cab!

Angela said...

Wow, I am impressed! Looks fun, and your kids are soooo cute!

Kelli said...

You are always saying you want the Mom-of-the-year award...You deserve it. That is quite the trek by yourself with the kiddos!