Monday, January 11, 2010

Assistance, Please

Well, now that we have joined the ranks of the unemployed, we are eagerly anticipating our moochiness to begin.

Problem with being government mooches? Paperwork.

Holy crap, it's a lot of work to be on assistance. Papers for everything, and phone calls, and meetings, and proofs of everything. But I figure we've paid into it long enough, we should be able to use it now that we need it.

I feel a little bit guilty about starting my kids on WIC and CHIP because we still have severance coming in. But honestly, if we can use these programs now, it will be easier to make the transition to full time studenthood and possibly the student loans route in the future.

Plus, we need CHIP since my kids don't have insurance at all. That is scary, folks. Gretta has been battling a double barrel booger fest for the last few days, I'm pretty sure she has a sinus infection, but what can I do? Wait for the 30 day waiting period to be over and then take her to the doctor. By then it will probably be cleared up on its own, but I don't think I have any other choice at this point.

I'm learning all about humility and how to see people for more than their circumstances. It's hard, but it's a lesson I obviously need to learn. I think I need a little assistance with that, as well.

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Jill Johnson said...

If you do have to go to the Dr. Just tell them you don't have insurance. They totally cut you a cash pmt deal. I had to take Gracie to that instacare on 90th and 2700 w once. My insurance doesn't cover anything in Utah, they charged me $75. For everything. Not bad.

twfreder said...

Don't feel bad! You are doing the right thing and getting on with your lives! The kids and I were on Minnesota medicaid the whole time we were in school. (Tom was required to get insurance through school.) We even had a baby on it. It all worked out. Keep up your spirits. Love, Leslie

ClistyB said...

if they didnt want you receiving severance/WIC/CHIP at the same time, they would make a rule - since they don't, you're doing nothing wrong.

My cousins were just telling me about how they recently qual'd for WIC. They said it helps a TON.

mandee said...

You are a taxpayer and these programs are just for situations like yours! I wish everyone would get CHIP for their children if they qualified! That is what they are for! Don't worry, you'll pay back all you used soon enough! :)

DAY said...

Hey Keli-glad you guys made it safe and sound. i'm still in shock with you guys being gone b/c it all happened SO fast! but i wish your family the very best! just remember...there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, the trick is making a light for yourself IN the tunnel Ü

grannybabs said...

I teach special education - so I feel your pain about paperwork. I know that the paperwork really does have a purpose - and so do timelines and waiting periods.

In the meantime, asking for a cash discount never hurts - and usually helps. Dentists seem very open to it too.

And learning the lesson about seeing people for more than their circumstances is one that you will find invaluable.

Keep the faith!!

Nurse Heidi said...

Another tip on getting care for easy peasy stuff like ears, sinuses and tonsils - there's an Express Care inside the Smith's on 126th in Draper. It's an IHC clinic staffed by a PA or NP. 50 bucks for a visit, including testing like a strep test. The store receipts from that Smith's almost always have coupons on the back of them for a discount, too. The only bummer is that they don't see kids younger than 2, but in this case, that's not an issue.

One of these days I'll get off my rear and go back to school and then I can write prescriptions. Won't that be nice.

Nurse Heidi said...
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