Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Call Girls

Well, apparently the call out worked! I have 10 of you eternally committed to meeting for lunch. Did I forget to mention that by saying you'd come in the comments you are eternally bound, like for eternity? You totally are.

So table for 10, here we come.

I'll let you know more specifics when I figure out a time. Clisty** had suggested perhaps meeting at the Cafe Rio in South Jordan because it has better parking. I'm totally down with that. *How 'bout ya'll?

* Anyone that can tell me the movie origin of the asterisked line gets a prize at lunch. I'm serious. And if you aren't coming to lunch, I'll consider sending a prize.

** Post edit. After reviewing my comments, and after Clisty in fact brought this mistake to my attention, I realize it was Nikki that suggested the Cafe Rio in South Jordan. I apologize, Nikki, I'll be more careful in my giving of credit!

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mandee said...

I am there! I do like being called a callgirl! Sounds sleazy! LOL! Can't wait to see you!

mandee said...

Ok, here is my best try at your question...a small starlike symbol (*), used in writing and printing as a reference mark or to indicate omission, doubtful matter, etc.*An asterisk indicates that the adjacent material is new or substantively revised. It also means little that what you are looking for?

ClistyB said...

You're smoking crack (&i want some) I wasn't the one who said that about the SoJo Cafe Rio. BUT whoever did is a genius because hello, have you seen that they are actually ADDING ANOTHER building next to the Draper Cafe Rio?!?! Insane.
Also, has a date been set? I'll go back and check the post, I probably missed it.

Keli said...

Mandee, though that was a lovely definition of what an asterisk is, I was looking for the asterisked quoted line. It's from a movie from the early-mid nineties. One of my faves, though it wasn't popular or critically acclaimed by any means.

Kelli said...

Is it the Dolly Parton movie, 9 to 5? Totally sounds like something she would say and something you would watch.

I'm in, I love being called a call girl! haha

Larissa said...

Oh, oh, oh! Can I come too! I am behind on my blogging and just saw the call out! Plus, I am a true "Call girl!" Not by profession, of course, but by name! Please, oh please let me come too! :)