Friday, January 22, 2010

G.H.C. Turns 3

3 years ago this very day, at this very hour, I was waddling through Target picking up a few last minute baby items. I was so uncomfortable walking, but I had been on bed rest with dangerously high blood pressure for weeks, so being able to waddle uncomfortably was like heaven for me. Pounding headache, scraping pelvic bones, and leaking urine were all a small price to pay for freedom.

At 4:00 we checked into the hospital, and at 4:45, miss Gretta Holland was delivered by C-Section. She weighed in at 5 pounds, 15 ounces, and though she was a month early, she was perfect.

I instantly felt better, the SPD having disappeared almost instantly upon her birth. The next day, despite a little friction from Sean, we were both discharged and sent home happy and healthy.

It has been a wonderful 3 years. Gretta has been such a blessing to our family. She was probably one of the best babies, not fussy or high maintenance at all. She loved her binky, and she loved "nursing", though it was never enough to keep her alive. She has always had a silly personality and great hair. Despite a few months when people thought she was handicapped because she had to wear a crazy helmet around, she has always been outgoing and crazy. I said if she was awake, she was moving. It's still true, today. She talks and talks and talks until bedtime, then she talks and talks and BOOM! asleep.

I love my little G. I'm more grateful for my family each time I see how fast she is growing. I don't think there are any more kids for me, my poor body just can't take it, so it pains me to see how fast she changes. I'm glad we're here in Utah to celebrate this birthday, so she can have her family around.

Love you little G. Happy birthday!

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LIZ said...

Happy Birthday Gretta!!!! Hugs & Kisses

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Gretta!

And, we are so glad you are back here in Utah so we can celebrate with you!

I have pictures that your mom took from Grettas Birthday, 3 years ago. Long story about the pictures, but I will have to get them to you.

Kylie said...

Happy Birthday to Gretta! I can't believe our little ones are turning 3!

Shar said...

Happy Birthday!

(I love her middle name)

grannybabs said...

How nice that her 3rd b-day is a palindrome!! (012210!!)

Happy Birthday Gretta!

Kirsten said...

What, three! Congrats on being three Gretta. I still can't believe how time flies.

Noel said...

quit lying to her. She is totally six. Love love love her. She always cracks me up. So wish we would have gone to Austin's for G's birthday. Or at least Lomeli's. Missing you tons. Give all those girls a big smooch for us. And the big, hairy one too!! love you.

Kelley Rae said...

Happy Birthday Gretta! Miss you!!

Meg & Josh said...

So glad you could be here to celebrate Gigi's bday. Classic Skating was a blast! I have missed these girls SO MUCH!

Steve and Tina said...

I hope Gretta had a wonderful birthday, I can't believe she is three and that she was born with all of that DARK hair! Miss you guys!