Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Can it be?

Today I was watching Oprah. It's a sinful indulgence of mine, especially that now she comes on at 9:00 AM my time. Right when I'm letting my hair air dry or folding laundry, so it's the perfect coupling with time wasting and multi tasking. Dr. Oz was on, and aside from being kinda hunky in a dorky doctor sort of way, he's very smart. And he asks good, pointed questions without making people feel self conscious. A trait I need to adopt, I suppose. So Dr. Oz has started "Prescription America" to help Americans get more healthy. His first goal is to get us to stop drinking soda. Even diet.

Insert gut wrenching moan here.

I am a diet Pepsi girl. I must get it from Momma. Sean and I have a bad habit of always having a "tasty beverage" in our cup holders at all times. Yesterday, case in point, I stopped at BK for a Diet before heading to the JBF. As the helpful lady handed me the giant cup, I went to place it in my holder, only to find 3 empty cups occupying my cup holders. I may have a problem.

So this challenge comes at a good time for me. I've recognized the problem, and I'm now willing to do something about it. So this morning, I enjoyed what is to be the last of my tasty beverages. So long good, sweet, bubbly friend. I'll miss you. And I'm not looking forward to the dull, aching headache that is sure to follow. Hopefully Dr. Oz is right, and this will make me feel better. Not that I'm feeling bad, but I guess you can always feel "better".

Anyway, here goes nothin.

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