Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday G!

Okay, so I'm a week late posting Birthday pics. Sue me. At least they're getting posted at all. I was trying to find my magical cord that uploads the pictures from the camera to the puter.

Anyhoo, Gretta turned 1 on the 22nd. I honestly cannot believe she is 1. It seems just like yesterday we were boiling water and getting some clean sheets.

Now that she's here, and the cutest damn thing I've ever seen, I can't imagine life without her. For now a few of her favorite things are:
  • Crawling superfast with her head down in an aerodynamic position. This helps with the wind drag.
  • Yelling at the top of her lungs at anything.
  • Squealing in delight when she sees a stuffed animal.
  • Jumping in her crib.
  • Calling the puppy.
  • Sticking out her tongue.
  • Throwing her binky, or anything, for that matter.
  • Pulling everything off the sides of the tub.
  • Throwing the bath towel in the water.

She really is a fun kid. She knows she can rely on her sisters for help, but she still likes Mom the best. Until Dad gets home, that is. As soon as she sees Sean walk in the door, she reaches out for him. He's even been known to use the facilities while holding her because he doesn't want to put her down for a second.

We had a fun party. We ate birthday cake that was mixed in a frying pan with a plastic fork using no measuring apparatus. It still turned out pretty well. But I think we're all glad the movers finally showed up and we can find what we need now.

So, Happy Birthday, G!

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