Friday, February 22, 2008

S-M-R-T, smart

Well, I gave in. I've done it. We all know that I'm addicted to my celeb trash, right? Well, I took it one step further, and actually bought, and read, the Tom Cruise Unauthorized Biography. It takes celeb trash to a whole nother level. I have several strong opinions on this book, one of which is particularly scathing, so I'll keep that one to myself. All I can say, is Tom Cruise, you are a selfish, controlling, sociopath with no thought or feeling for another human being.

There, I said it.

Now, to explain.

Scientology. Whatever. It apparently was founded on "the fact" that people are inhabited by aliens, and the goal of Scientology is to rid the body of these invaders. Ooookay. As far as Mr. Cruise being involved in this, he really had no choice. You see, Scientology nearly fell off the face of the earth in the early '80's. So to hold on to the last few remaining members, they had to practically cater to their needs. Enter Tom. This, ahem, "religion" has basically been formed around what he needs, when he needs it, and with whom he wants to socialize. Who wouldn't want that kind of attention? Me, for one, but this isn't about me. Yeah, yeah, there are other weird things about Scientology, like Auditing, and Operating Thetans, and Potential Trouble Sources, oh, and their hatred and guile for any form of Psychiatry. Turns out, if you ever use any form of Psychiatric medication, you are sent to Scientology work camps. I guess that excluded the dear founder of Scientology, Mr. L. Ron Hubbard, since he was found to be full of anti-psychotics when he died.

Now don't get me wrong, the book is about much more than just Scientology, but it's basically about the same thing. Tom not getting what he wants, pouting, turning into a jerk, and shutting down any kind of human feeling for others. He wantonly tossed Ms. Kidman aside through an email after a 10 year marriage. Nice. He also lied about his being a "functional illiterate", since he never had any special education classes after the 3rd grade. He even read and memorized scripts for school plays on his own.

So this to me, just brings home the point that Tom, you suck. You may be eye candy, but that is all. Just a shell. Just a pretty, tan, short, aging shell of a person. I pity your Thetans.

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