Monday, February 11, 2008

I have issues

This isn't a surprise to those of you that know me. But I do. I have issues with a lot of things. This morning, for instance, my neighbor came to pick me up for a playgroup. I followed her there. I noticed her license plate is personalized, and makes reference to BYU. That kinda irks me. Then the playgroup mommies were very shy around me. I would have thought it would be the other way around, but whatever. That kinda bugs me. The dog poops on top of the snow, despite a nice spot of lawn being shoveled bare just for that purpose. That just makes me laugh, because there are all these little land mines all over our beautiful white wonderland.

But the thing that I have the most issue with is light switches. They should all face down when the lights are off, right? Right. Well, apparently super electrician that wired this house thought otherwise. Every switch here is a 3-way. Huh huh, 3 way. And there was no way to get them all down and off at the same time. It's been bugging me so bad since we moved in, but I figured there were a million other things to do besides stress over light switches. Well, Sugar Daddy felt my pain. Last night he fixed them. All of them. Ah, freedom. It's wonderful to see all the switches in the right direction.

Now if I could quit washing my hands and counting steps to the mailbox.....

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