Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Because Naked Babies Are The Best

This kid totally cracks me up. She has a thing for water. I guess she's like me that way. As soon as I see a lake or a pool, something inside me just wants to get in and swim. There is just some pull to the water. This is why I say I want to be a sea otter when I grow up.

Anyhoo, Gretta has long been a fan of the tub. The second she hears the bath water run, she is up the stairs, shirt off, pants around her ankles, and diaper hanging by one tab. She would stay in there all day, if I would let her, or at least until she poops. Which she has done several times, lucky me.

But lately we have migrated from the tub to the shower. Now, as soon as she hears the word shower, or as soon as I head upstairs, even if I'm in stealth mode, she will find me, and climb right in. She will hold the detachable shower head, and spray it over her head and giggle like nobodies business.

And then there's her butt. How cute are naked baby butts? I know, I just can't stand it. I'm not a creepy pedophile, but my kids have the cutest naked butts ever.

And then when they're all clean and cuddly in a nice fluffy towel, life is good.

Part of me is wondering what sorts of people will find this post due to a mislead Google search. Eew.

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