Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Being a Good Mom

We all know I'm in the running for mother of the year, right? I'm pretty sure I'll win after this one.

The other day, I was back and forth and back and forth at neighbor Kate's house, in a futile attempt at perfecting our latest business venture. This back and forthing meant there were a few moments here and there when Gretta and Maggie were home alone. Not a big deal, since I was literally across the street. Like, driveway to driveway across the street. I just don't worry.

Well, as I was leaving Kate's house, the friendly AT&T man was walking through the neighborhood, and gave me a friendly wave. I waved back, because I'm nice like that.

Turns out, friendly AT&T guy had just come from my house, where Maggie answered the door, and promptly told him that she was home alone babysitting her little sister.

Of course this was shocking to him, since he has no idea how good of a mom I am, and that I would never leave my kids alone for more than, oh, a few hours. Not. Kidding, kidding, people. But he did proceed to tell my other neighbor Nancy that her next door neighbor had her kids home alone. She was shocked by this, because I still have her fooled.

But seriously, I was gone a total of like 5 minutes. And my kids of been given strict instructions not to open the door to anyone, or answer the phone, unless it's someone they know and trust. So really, is it my fault or theirs? Kidding again.

This does frighten me a little. Not enough to make me paranoid, but I guess I need to have another good sit down talk with the kids about what to do when mommy is across the street. You know, stranger danger and all that.

Anyway, I'm certain the word is out that I'm a finalist in the mother of the year contest, and hopefully this puts off any unfit contenders, cause I have a spot all cleared off on my mantle for that award.

*and as I write this post, my dear daughter is watching a Roseanne marathon. Yep.
*and here is a funny post I read about leaving your kids in the car. The comments are top-notch. You should totally read it, and the comments.


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