Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ring Ring

Ring ring.... Ring ring..... Ring ring.....

Me: Hello?

LG Vu: Is this Keli?

M: Yes, who is this?

LG: This is your new phone. You know, the one that has replaced your beloved BlackBerry?

M: Oh, you. What do you want?

LG: I'm hoping to gain your acceptance, and maybe eventually your respect.

M: Well, I don't see that happening any time soon.

LG: Please! Give me a chance! You don't understand, there are so many of us that can never be a BlackBerry, so we can only be the best regular phone we know how. It's so hard living under the shadow of the BlackBerry.

M: Well, I can see why. I totally feel like I've gone from a Mac to a PC. It's unnatural. It's devolution.

LG: What? What is devolution?

M: See. A BlackBerry would totally know what I was talking about. What with it's predictive text, it's fully functional keyboard, it's ability to automatically capitalize and punctuate. You will never be a BlackBerry.

LG: (Sigh) You're right. But you signed that contract, so you're stuck. Sucker!

Don't get me wrong, I like my new phone. It's fine. I like the super fast internet, and the way it displays web pages like web pages, and not HTML with a few links here and there. But, it has this teeny tiny keypad that certainly isn't made for full figured fingers like mine.

There is no predictive text, it won't capitalize without pressing the teeny tiny shift key, and you have to adjust the keypad for any punctuation besides a period. Period. Duh.

I guess after having a BB for the last, oh, 5 years, I have gotten a little spoiled. But I will survive. Plus, now I have unlimited texts! Yay! Feel free to text me anytime.


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