Friday, February 13, 2009

Day Of Love

Today is a big day. My sweet little niece turns 2. She and Gretta could be twins; but not by looks. They couldn't look more different. Gracie is chubby and dark, mellow and cuddly. Gretta isn't any of those things. But the way they talk, cry, squeak, and pad barefoot across the floor, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart. I miss that Gracie. Here are a couple of shots of her I ran across. I have more recent ones, but these ones are precious to me. You'll see why.

Mom getting Gracie dressed in her blessing dress.

I miss those hands. When she died, I held her hands and stroked them, and tried to burn the image of them into my brain. She had lovely hands, and the cutest little mole on her hand. She always had beautiful rings, Diamonique mostly, but some very expensive ones as well. She had beautiful nails she kept done up just so, for 13 years with the same nail lady! But those hands are so much more than a physical attribute. She loved her babies. Her grandbabies, especially. And dressing them, rubbing them down after a bath, cuddling with them, watching them run through her backyard, all had more to do with her hands than any jewelry. Those hands fed and clothed us kids, worked hard for us, and showed us the direction we should take in life.

Chubby little Gracie on her blessing day.

She is a special little kid. I have never met a more mellow baby. The day before she was blessed, Jill got out the white nail polish. And we polished her fingernails and toenails. She sat still through the entire process. On the other hand, if it was Gretta, if Gretta was awake, she was moving. Gracie is different than Jill's other kids. She is dark, and has dark eyes. She is Aaron to a tee. She was a long time getting here, but boy are we glad she did. I love this kid!

I know I talk about her like she's my own, but after spending every day with her through the summer, I feel like she could be. We bonded. I love her.

Happy day, Gracie!

Today is also my other nieces birthday. Abby is 5 today! She was our next door neighbor for 4 years, and we miss being able to run back and forth from their house to ours. I believe Abby was born on Friday the 13th, just like today. Creepy. So happy day to Abby, too! We miss you.


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