Thursday, February 19, 2009


Yesterday brought a visit to La Dentista. The dentist, for you English speakers. I hate the dentist. It hurts to go to the dentist. I don't care what they do, it hurts. The X-Rays hurt when they make you bite into that piece of rubber that is so carefully placed to scrape its sharp edges against your delicate gums. The cleaning hurts when they take freezing cold water and aim it at your delicate teeth and spray at full force. The scraping hurts, well, okay, the scraping I don't really mind. I'm a little sadistic I guess.

Anyway, after last weeks trauma of taking Maggie to the dentist, and her screaming and yelling practically getting us kicked out, I wasn't looking forward to going myself. I was fairly confident that I had no cavities, maybe one. I floss every day. I rinse with Listerine every day. I brush every day, at least once. See, confident?

Nope, shouldn't have been so confident. I came away with a follow up visit and a proposed bill of $1200 for 9 cavities. 9 freaking cavities! What am I, one of Jill's kids?

Funny thing is, is that the one place I thought I would have a cavity, due to some pain I've been having in my jaw, is the one place there are no cavities present. Weird. But, after reading some comments on Jill's post about their dentist visit, I'm starting to wonder if this doctor is trying to rip me off. She kept giving me this schpeel in her thick Eastern European accent about how hard it is to keep teeth clean with braces on, and how it can cause an eruption of cavities. Yep, right, sounds good, if you're 13, and have braces!

My braces have been off for 4 years, folks. And I've had several sets of X-Rays since then, and never once had a cavity. Hmm, see where I'm going with this? So I heard some dentists will give you a second opinion for free, so I may go that route. Seems like a better deal than just forking over the money and calling it good.

Anyway, sorry for the lame A posts as of late. I am getting some better meds soon, and hope to be back to "normal" soon. I need a good post for Fun For Friday, so if any of you have a funny pic you'd like to send me, I'll totally credit you, and I'm sure you'll get some traffic sent your way. Cause I'm so popular and stuff. Feel free to email me at keli dot clayton at gmail dot com.

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