Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cup Overfloweth

Blogger is being a butt head today, and won't let me upload any pictures, so instead you get thoughts, a la moi. If you want pictures, go to my Facebook and you can see the Kentucky album there. It's not really worth the trip though, I'll be honest. It's pretty lame.

Anybugger. Thoughts.

Sugar Daddy and I have been married almost 12 years. That's like forever in Keli time. I'm not a sentimental person, and I don't keep things around for 12 years. My baby pictures? Shoved in a bag in a drawer somewhere. Our marriage license? Who knows. I'm just not that kind of person.

So for me to keep a husband around for 12 years is a pretty big deal. Especially considering some days are touch and go.

But there is one more thing that has stuck around for those 12 years. No, it's not the crabs, I got rid of those weeks ago.

It's a blue cup. An ugly plastic blue cup. We got it when we got married. Not sure who gave us said cup, but as a note to future wedding gift purchasers, don't give people crappy blue plastic cups. That's just mean. But this cup is invincible. From day one it found it's way into our shower. Our first tiny apartment had the water pressure of an old man at midnight, and we needed the cup for an extra shot of rinse water.

Then we moved into the ancient house, and again we were left with spotty water pressure, so the cup dutifully provided.

Finally we moved into our brand new house, and though the water pressure was magnifico, that cup couldn't seem to find any place to call home, save the shower. Once Emma came along a few months after our move-in, that cup became the rinse aid in the baby tub. Then it progressed to the big tub. And there it has lived ever since.

2 more homes, and 2 more kids, and it lives on in the bathtub. At the risk of someone calling DCFS, I'll tell you that in those 12 years, this cup has never once been washed properly. It is faded and dented, and the edges are raw with use, but it stays fairly clean on its own.

Then the other day I noticed a small crack down the side of this precious goblet. It seems the blue cup is on its way out. Will I ever find a suitable replacement? Probably not. It has always been a fixture in our home, and I'm sad to see it go.

But like Sugar Daddy and I, it's touch and go. It could last, it could fail. I think it's all in how we treat it.

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nikkipicky said...

You continually crack me up with your stories and insights.

We all have a blue cup somewhere. Don't We? I liked this it brought back memories for me of my own blue cup. (or whatever it may be)

Kelli said...

I love it...we all have those blue cups in our lives. I have an old blue metal cup that I could send your way. Problem is it leaves marks on the bottom of your tub. And, if I send it to you you won't come and visit and drink from it here. Miss you guys!

Kalli Ko said...

12 years is NO JOKE MAN! Congrats to you and your sugar daddy. Now go get naked and start the revolution.

grannybabs said...

Everyone family has a "blue cup." When you are married 41+ years, though, you can't remember what they were - I think they rotate around by decades.