Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Man

Does anyone watch Man Vs. Food?

I did.

And I suddenly got voraciously hungry. Too bad it was midnight.

Last nights episode was especially cool, because he visited a place that I love. It's called The Crab Pot, and it's in Seattle.

You might remember our girls trip there a few years ago.

One of the best ever. My mom loved it there. The Space Needle was cool, and I scored a sweet off-white jacket with a fur collar that I still wear.

I have a funny picture of my mom at The Crab Pot. She had a bib on, and was holding a mallet.


Anyway, it made me miss her. But I think I've turned a corner, because the "miss her hurt" is sort of waning into "miss her poignantly". Less sad, more sweet. Does that even make sense?

So thank you Adam, I needed that last night.

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Kalli Ko said...

Of course I watch that show. I watch all food network shows except the ones that are trying to show me how to actually cook. Those I don't watch much. Everything else, yes. Chef battles, especially yes.

It makes sense. I'm glad you're feeling brighter.

Shayna said...

Chad and I love that show. We are always so excited for the new ones because we've seen all the old ones. Glad to hea your feeling better.

Lisa said...

We love that show. When we went to visit my mom and dad in Minneapolis we made a special trip to the 5-8 Club for a "Juicy Lucy" burger...just because we saw it on Man vs. Food. It was so fun!

Meg & Josh said...

Seattle. What a great place with lots of great memories.

Jill Johnson said...

I was cleaning out a bag to take to the cabin and pulled out my Arogosa boat ride ticket! That was the best trip!! Good times!

Darci & Devin Buhl said...

FYI: I woke up this morning thinking about your fart conversation from the other night and laughed out loud. I'm so glad you blog. Seriously. I can tell that today is going to be a good day now, all because of Sean's shower farts. Tell him thanks for me.

Kelli said...

What a fun trip! She loved it there. Remember when she smacked Gracie because we were fighting over who got to pay for dinner. What about the crepes with nutella on them! Fun times...

fluentbrittish said...

Cody has a national tour planned based on what he has seen on Man Vs. Food. It's sick, really.