Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Animal Style

I awoke to a text waiting for me from Sean. It asked if I had ever gone animal style. I, of course, though that was some sort of "supersize" combo meal from some random fast food place. It's not. It's not that, either, pervs.

Apparently it's when you only rinse in the shower, don't use soap or shampoo. I think it sounds disgusting, because the only thing that stinks worse than sleepy body smell is wet sleepy body smell. Nasty.

But we did a little animal style of our own yesterday. Not that, pervs.

We went to the zoo! In February! Who knew people went to zoos in the winter? Not me. But it's the best time to go! No crowds, no heat, no shops open to tempt my kids with their overpriced hats and stuffed animals. And best of all, I didn't sit in tar this time. I know, I'm learning after all!

There were lots of animals out doing animal things, more than I usually see in the heat of the summer. The penguins were being a little R-rated with their brutal mating, and we had a little talk about how you can tell if a giraffe is a boy or a girl. All important lessons, I think. We also learned that Eli is made of meat, not hay, so giraffes won't eat him, but cougars will.

I love that kid.

It was a fun trip. Quick, painless, and cheap, just the way I like my animal style.

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Kim said...

Aah! The penguins were mating when I was there too! Frisky little guys!

nikkipicky said...

I guess I didn't even know it was open in the winter. According to Brooklyn who went the first time to the zoo in 3rd grade on a field trip...we have been slacker parents to her. The other two probably went at least twice a year from 12 months on. But really once is enough, right?

Glad your a@# is tar free.

Kelli said...

Glad you liked it animal style!

Thanks for coming with us because I couldn't have written about our zoo trip like you do!

Larissa said...

Ah man...even the penguins are gettin' IT!

P.S. You can have a burger done 'animal style' at In-n-Out Burger!

Kathie said...

Too funny!

Kelley Rae said...

We've decided zoo in the winter is the best too! Especially at Brookfield because most the enhibits are indoors so it's not TOOO cold.
As always, you are such a crack-up!

オテモヤン said...