Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So remember how two month ago my hubby got shit canned? Yeah, I remember that too.

I think I have some PTSD from that day. Here's why.

Yesterday I was doing my thing like I do every day, when 9:00 AM rolls around. Sean has class from 7:40 until 11:10, so I just sort of bide my time until he gets home. But 9:00 comes, and he pulls into the driveway.

My heart sinks. I start getting jittery, and sweating, and my stomach feels sick. It feels like that day he showed up at home after the lay off.

I instantly start thinking the worst; he dropped out of school, he got kicked out of school, he got in an accident, he got a job and has to drop out of school, he decided he hates us all and wants a divorce and to take the kids and all the money and run away and leave me homeless and destitute and alone.

A little dramatic? Probably.

Turns out he doesn't have the 10:00 class on Tuesdays, and I was just mistaken. I had a little breakdown after that.

Seriously, I think I have some PTSD. I'm so afraid of what else may come our way, that I'm afraid to ever think positively!

Life. It's traumatic.

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Noel said...

oh, so that's what its called? PTSD? For so long now I just thought I was a bitch! What a relief. Can someone please explain this to everyone for me? And.....BTW, glad Sean didn't get kicked out of school! ;)

mandee said...

Stress is a funny thing! You can make it! And, yes life can be traumatic!

grannybabs said...

Be brave - think positive!!

Jessica said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you.

Boy, that solves all your problems doesn't it? Just kiddin'
I hope you guys get back into the Utah groove soon. I mean the groove you want to be in. I am thinking positive thoughts for you.
BTW, I was wondering if you guys still own a home here? You said you had just moved into a house? How did you manage that one?

Best of luck. Let me know if there is anything I can do.


Kelli said...

I hate the PTSD feelings! It's amazing how they can take over.