Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It Needs To Be Said

It is February! February! That means long, dark, pain in my butt ugly January is over!

This also means a couple of other things.

It's time to take the Christmas stuff down. You know who you are, you Christmas dwellers. I've seen it quite a bit this year, trees still glistening in windows, lights still up on houses, wreaths and bows adorning windows. It's over. Move on. Christmas will be here again, I promise, but you need to MOVE.ON!

It's Groundhog day today, and that movie was filmed near our old home in Chicago. You probably already know that the groundhog did indeed see his shadow. Bum-mer. 6 more weeks of freaking winter. Dang. Although, I have to say, winter here in Utah is like a bazillion times better than winter in Chicago. I don't miss having to wear a knee length coat, gloves, hat, scarf and boots. And that's just to go get the mail. I don't miss having to salt the driveway 3 times a day so we can actually make it into the garage. I enjoy having 40's and even 30's, and thinking that a sweater is just fine to wear while out and about. Ahh.

I bought potatoes today. Potatoes get me so excited! Do you know that in Chicago, I once scored on a 10 lb bag of taters for $5? I was thrilled! Well, today I bought 30 lbs of taters for, wait for it, wait for it, $5. Seriously, how can that not be exciting? So I carried my 30 lbs of taters to the car, and brought them home and threw some in to bake for au gratins tonight. Yummy!

And speaking of that 30 lbs, I've lost over that much weight now, and it really put it into perspective to me when I was having a hard time carrying those bags of potatoes to the car. That's what I have been carrying around for the last, we'll just say few, years. Crazy!

So that's it for today. Did I mention it's groundhog day?

Did I mention it's groundhog day?

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hanner said...

woohoo, 30 pounds! the woohoo is both for the potatoes and the lost weight.

and i'm just curious, has the groundhog ever NOT seen his shadow??

nikkipicky said...

30 lbs!! That is exciting. I want to be able to say that too. But, I have to be more diligent. I'm kinda slacking and hence sitting at 16lbs.

Christmas lights sometimes stay on our house until March...This is when my hubby feels it is sufficiently warm enough to brave the roof. We don't complain or he wont EVER put them up again, something he loathes!! :)

mandee said...

Nice deal! Where was it? Potatoes for everyone! Congrats on the weight loss! I am looking to lose my poundage as well!

Ryan and Carli said...

I'm jealous of your more tolerable winter there. I'm frozen! Congrats on your weight loss. You are so awesome!

grannybabs said...

I would be happy to just shed 10 lbs. But I guess I need to work on it and stop eating the Valentine goodies!!

Kathie said...

I know where the 30 lbs went---my butt! And BTW, I still have Christmas stuff out because I'm too lazy to put it away, hence the 30 lbs on my butt!!!!!

Kelli said...

Yes, you did say it was Ground Hog Day! Thanks for the reminder.

Kelley Rae said...

The problem of taking Christmas lights down is solved by never putting them up - that's what we do! :)