Monday, March 8, 2010


We headed to Vegas this weekend. It was awesome. I was ready for some warm weather, and I was more than ready to see my sister, whom I haven't seen since I moved back! And now that she's knocked up again, it was especially nice to see her. ;)

Guess what? I didn't take even one picture, so this post will be vveeerrrry boring for those of you that weren't there. Feel free to skip to the end.

Friday night, a wienie roast was in order to enjoy the 70 degree weather. And the third grade humor was out in full force. Lots and lots of wienie jokes. Then Troy pulled out the choking jokes and it pretty much went down hill from there. That's why I love my family.

Saturday we all slept in ( and by slept in, I mean the kids were up at 6:30, because that's 7:30 their time, and they weren't properly notified that it was Saturday and they could have stayed in bed a few more hours). Then we just hung out for a few hours until my Aunt Sydney came to visit.

She drove all the way up from Kingman, AZ. just to see us! That is devotion! Then we took her to lunch, she tried to pay, we got in a fight, and she stormed out. Not really, but she did try to pay, and we weren't having any of that, so we made her a deal, and all was well. It is a true testament of the strength of families to see time pass, and yet the relationships we have with our families stay strong. I think she thought we were a little morbid because she has the same hands as our mom, and it was hard to not just grab them and fondle them. But we did plenty of laughing and just the right amount of crying, and I think it made the day that much more special. Thanks, Syd. We love you!

Then Saturday night, the pinnacle of the weekend, we hit the strip. Mandalay Bay to be specific. The Bayside Buffet, to be even more specific. It has crab legs. And it's a buffet. Do you see the joy on my face right now? I was in heaven. I sat next to my foodie brother, so he totally critiqued everything he ate, which was annoying as Hell, but I buckled down and ate through the pain. Okay, he didn't really do that, but I have to take a stab at him anyway, because I love him, and I'm awesome like that. We saw the buffest chick, and she had on a ginormous necklace. We saw a bride, a prom group, and a gazillion Japanese people. So totally random. And for future reference, if my next husband takes me to a buffet for our wedding night dinner, I'm pretty sure I'll junk punch him and storm out. After I eat my weight in crab legs, of course.

Sunday we went to church, (Ha! Don't you people know me at all?), and ate yummy french toast a la Kelli. Maggie had a huge fit and spent an hour locked in the car (don't worry, it was like 50 outside, she was fine) screaming her head off. That girl, I can't take it sometimes. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

We made it home last night, tired, ornery, and a few pounds heavier. I think that makes a vacation absolutely crabtastic! Thanks, Jill, for everything, and Aaron, too. Love you guys!

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Kelli said...

Thanks for the fun, fun weekend! We drove together, ate together, slept together...oh, no not that. But we did everything together, good times!

Noel said...

Keli, did they have to ask you to leave when they saw your heaping plate of crab legs??? EWW! I totally could see your smile at the buffet price, knowing you would get your moneys worth in just legs! Glad you had an awesome weekend. Did Meg not go with??? :(

Jill Johnson said...

It was fun! I am totally missing all of you already. Time to do it again.