Monday, March 15, 2010

No Kidneying Around

Oh boy, have I had it. Who knew that those two little organs just above your butt could cause so much trouble?

2 weeks ago, a couple of days before we headed to Vegas, I was overcome with horrendous pain in my right side, just along my back. I knew it was a kidney stone, I've had them before and it's a pain you're unable to forget. A day and a half later, I was feeling okay. But for most of the week following I was still having some issues, which I won't get into because it would totally be TMI.

This last Wednesday, as I sat waiting to pick up Emma from school, I felt that all too familiar twinge of pain in my back again. I got home, went straight to bed, and hoped it would feel better in a few hours. I woke up at 5 pm and knew something was not right.

My dear MIL had just passed her district testing, and was so relieved, so we had promised her a dinner out to celebrate. Not wanting to be a party pooper, I went along, probably as the worst company ever. But that night, as I was walking around moaning in pain, I gave in and told Sean to take me to the doctor.

This was a tough decision, because we don't have insurance. Yeah. I know. But it was that bad.

So we get there, and after a CT scan, which I'm sure will cost us dearly, they couldn't see a stone, but there was an obvious infection in my right kidney, probably from the stone a week before.

So I got some good pain meds, a couple of days of IV antibiotics, a catheter to help me pee (I know, TMI), and some Flomax (yes, like the old men have to take), and was sent on my merry way.

Here it is, Monday, and I am just now feeling better. Holy crap, I had no idea. No. Idea. I'm so grateful I had at least one working kidney through all of this, and I'm also thankful for pain meds. And my hubby, who is reluctant to leave my side. Ever. Even when I pee, because he's that interested in what my pee looks like. That's devotion.

So I'm all better today, thanks for asking. I had a shot of wheatgrass juice this morning, which will either kill me with the burps that come after, or wipe out what might be left of the infection. I'm hoping for the latter, for sure.

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fluentbrittish said...

I'm so afraid of The Stones. With the way I eat and drink, it's only a matter of time before I get one myself.

Since when is that woman who blogs about peeing down water slides afraid of TMI? Hee hee!

But really, sorry about your kidneys. That really sucks.

Kirsten said...

I am so sorry, sounds like the pits! I hope that you get feeling better!

Tina said...

Every time I get the slightest pain in my back i freak and drink like a gallon of cranberry juice, I don't think there are words to describe kidney stone pain. Good to hear you are on the mending end of it all -feel better :o) miss you!

mandee said...

Will it ever stop pouring on you guys? I hope you continue to feel better because drinking wheat grass does not sound like my idea of fun! I wish you all the best! Sending our love to you!

Shylo said...

So glad to see you are feeling better. I am sending some magic dust your way to keep everyone in your family healthy for a while. Hope it works! :)

LIZ said...

I'm happy to hear that your feeling better!! Hope every thing continues to improve.

grannybabs said...

I once heard a doctor say that having a kidney stone is the closest thing a man could experience to giving birth.

Some food for thought!

Kelley Rae said...

You shy away from TMI?! What?! Ü
Glad you're feeling better. Never had a kidney stone, and from the sounds of it I hope i never do.