Friday, March 19, 2010

Fun For Friday

I have to preface this by apologizing for my sporadic posting as of late. I have really lost my groove. But trust me, today's FFF will make up for it. Or at least I think so.

I had to practically stop traffic and brave the rain to capture these images, so you better laugh.

Here you go:

You know, Mike Rowe? From Dirty Jobs?

And Adam Lambert must have really pissed off Simon Cowell if he ended up here.

Just in case the fickle "fame" thing doesn't work out, you can always join the stable world of Utah real estate.

Happy Friday!

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Kelli said...

So funny...and I'm laughing!!!

nikkipicky said...

LOL!! Knowone's brain is like yours. I would have never given those signs and the familiar names a second thought!

You my friend are ultra observant, for which I am grateful, because now we can see the funnny too.

nikkipicky said...

Freaky wrong spelling of no one's/knowone's..I can't seem to figure it out right...My brain is in a fog of blankness.

hanner said...

now i have "michael, row the boat ashore" stuck in my head. thanks.

Christian and Karen Robinson said...

Who knew that Utah Real Estate would be the place to go? I really wish it was THE Mike Rowe! I totally have a crush on him.

ClistyB said...

ahahaha! I was feeling bad for that Adam Lambert when I saw that sign last week, how many of his friends have given him crap about that?!