Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was really sort of hoping to post a video of my Maggie screaming at the top of her lungs while the doctor attempted to cut off her cast. I had the vision in my head of snot running down her face, people at the other end of the building wondering who was slaughtering a poor sick animal, and Sean and I laughing as this all went down.

I was sorely disappointed.

We had really primed Mags for the saw situation. We told her it would be loud, and that it would press on her arm. We told her she'd have to show the doctor she can move her arm afterward, even if it hurt.

Apparently we did a great job.

She didn't even blink an eye at that saw. When the cast was finally off, she smiled and moved her arm joyfully. Even during the follow up X-Rays, she gladly provided the needed positioning with nary a grimace.

Man, now what am I supposed to post?

I'm proud of my little Mags. She is brave and strong, and now she is healed! Yay for disappointments.

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Tina said...

good job Mags! that saw scares most adults... good to hear she healed well.

nikkipicky said...

You could post a pic of wrinkled, dry, healed arm. Good for Maggie to have denied herself the right to drama just to dissapoint the parents.

Here's to many more similar disapointments.

Noel said...

Yay Maggie. Kel- she figured shegave you enough grief with the bath. Good for her! All brave and such! Glad the cast is off!

Shar said...

Doesn't make as dramatic of a blog post, but glad everything went okay!

Also, you guys need to stop getting hurt/sick/kidney stones/ kidney infections! Sheesh!

Kelli said...

Maggie was so funny at the park this afternoon, everytime I would look at her she was running around like she still had her cast on. I got just a bit nervous everytime, I thought she had reinjured it.

grannybabs said...

When Noah was 3 or 4, he broke his arm - and was brave while they sawed off the cast - but really let loose with a howl when they moved his elbow!!

Good luck Maggie!

Kelley Rae said...

Way to go Mags, and I'm sure you'll find something dramatic to post about soon enough. ;)