Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun For Friday

Today I give you this little gem. (Oh, I totally crack myself up with that one!) Found in Las Vegas, next to our favorite frozen yogurt place, USwirl.

Do you see it? Do you? At least they're "Better Jewelers", and not "Best Jewelers", but I'd hate, or love, to see "Good Jewelers", and the grammatical errors they could come up with.

I'm such a grammar snob. I see errors all the time, especially on professional custom signs. It makes me think that the sign makers should double check all the proposed spelling, otherwise, it makes both companies look stupid.

But it gives me good stuff to blog about.

Happy Friday!

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Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

It's pretty sad when companies can't give themselves a little confidence to convince prospective customers. Makes you think how hard did they try to come up with that lame name hmmmmmmmmm???

Mike said...

I thought it was funny because they spelled "Jewelry" wrong in the third bullet point.