Monday, September 20, 2010

Taken Over

I hope this post speaks to at least a few of my bloggy friends. You gals get me, so I'm sure it will.

Is it just me, or has Facebook basically taken the place of a blog? I have 2 reasons for thinking this.

1. I can access Facebook a million times a day (and I probably do!), and post mild to moderately witty status updates throughout the day. We'll call them mini blog posts. Less wordy, more to the point, but a lot less satisfying.

2. I'm only on my desktop computer, from where I blog, once in a while anymore, so my blog suffers. I sort of figure why bother blogging when I can just update Facebook. It's sad. I'm not really sure what this means for the future of blogging.

I love my blog, I really do. I love going back and reading the mindless spewing that has come forth over the years. I especially love reading the posts I wrote when my mom was sick, and shortly thereafter. It brings back such good memories. I know that sounds weird, but that was a really important time in my life, and I learned a lot during those weeks. Plus, it makes it feel like she's still a part of my life.

I also love looking back at all the pictures of my kids and my life over the past few years. I need to get back to that. It's just hard now, because before, people wanted to see what my life was like in a different state, with new adventures and all that. Now that I'm back in boring old Utah (wink wink), it's just not the same.

So even though I don't get where this post is going, I guess it's just a reminder to myself more than anything that I need to be better at documenting my life. I know not everyone that reads my blog lives in Utah, so you're probably interested in what's going on here. I'll be better, I promise. I promise I won't let Facebook completely take over my social networking.

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nikkipicky said...

This blog is one of my daily has been suffering. I need more reading material. :)

Facebook will never take the place of a good blog. Plus like you said, it's like journal, keep it up.

Tami Allred said...

I prefer your blog to FB. Just wondering do you read mine anymore? Never hear from you since you moved. You didn't divorce me did you? hhhahahahha

grannybabs said...

Facebook is great for quick updates. But I like a blog for real information. So many Facebook entries are pretty mindless - I do not care about Animal Farm, thank you very much!

LIZ said...

I have no clue what's going on with you guys. How is home schooling going? How is the salon working out? School for sean? And all that jazz?