Friday, October 29, 2010

Fun For Friday

I hate carving pumpkins. It ranks right up there with changing a baby that had a blowout and has poop all up its back and down its legs. Yeah, it's like that. Only stinkier. I absolutely despise the smell of pumpkin guts. But nevertheless, we are good parents, and therefore indulge our childrens' desires to have rotting fruit perched precariously on our porch for the neighborhood bullies to smash.

I give you the following:

Emma's toadstools, which I actually think are very very cute. Better Homes and Gardens has some really cute stencils on their website.

Gretta's scary face. I carved this one for her (uh, obviously, since she's 3 and isn't allowed to use knives until she's 4), and I admit, I got a little impatient and may have accidentally cut off half the face. Either way, I think it looks a little like Voldemort, and a lot like Dom Deluise.

Maggie's haunted house. So cute! Sean did this one. He's a master at the teeny knife cutting through thick pumpkin skin. And to think with skills like that, he's still unemployed!

And here they are all together. So darling. We got cute little lights that flicker like real candles, and when we put them inside, and step way way back, they actually look pretty good. I mean, as good as hollowed out fruit can look, right?

Happy Friday! And Happy Halloween!

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Lacey Fay Cottrell said...

I love them!! You did a great job!!