Monday, October 4, 2010

Five Year Blogiversary

Today marks my 5 year blogging anniversary. How crazy is that? 5 years? Wow. I'm just gonna recap some of the things that have happened over the last 5 years. Some have been blogged, some have not. Either way, I need to remember why I do this. In no particular order, other than this is how my memory works, we have the following:

My mom died.

I had Gretta.

Moved to Illinois.

Moved back to Utah.

Attended marriage counseling twice.

Lost 40ish pounds.

Started running.

Been through approximately 3 broken bones and a set of stitches between the kids.

Sean had 2 surgeries.

Traveled to fun parts of the country.

Made awesome friends.

Dad got married.

Meg got married.

Gained 2 1/2 neices on my side, numerous others on Sean's side.

Started a business.

Had some awesome girls' trips.

Made a fool out of myself repeatedly.

Started homeschooling.

Been through a job loss.

Suffered through a major bout of depression.

Tried to find the true meaning of Christmas.

Had my first garage sale.

Hung out on the porch with Kate.

Hid in the basement when the tornadoes came.

Crashed the Vangina twice.

Sean got rear ended 3 times.

Been through the coldest winters I have ever felt.

Realized I need my family.

So many other things have happened. I still go back and read my old blog posts, and though most of the time I remember writing them, sometimes it's like I'm reading someone elses blog. I don't recognize my writing style or my humor. For some reason when I write, the words sound different in my head than they do on paper. I guess it's okay, seeing as it's my blog, and I can read it and write on it however I choose. But still, I can't believe it's been 5 years. I never imagined I would stick with something for this long.

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grannybabs said...

Anniversaries of all kinds get us thinking - hopefully they keep us on our toes!!

I do know that without your blog, I would not have had a clue who you were when you came up and said hi at Joey's wedding!! I was so thrilled to be able to say Hi Keli - Gretta is so cute!! instead of "uh, who are you?"

I am a fan of family blogs - and reading them pretty regularly!!

nikkipicky said...

Wow 5 years is a loong time! Good for you. That's quite a list of events.

Because of your family and blogging...I now have a blog. :) Which, by the way I love. Being able to write down thoughts and any old random stuff too.

I love your blog. Keep writing. It's part of my daily entertainment.

DAY said...

Happy Blogiversary-5 years is a long time and definitely something that becomes a part of you/your life. p.s. you look GREAT in your profile pic!