Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day Recap

We were successfully visited by the Bunny. He delivered many a sweet treat for the children.

Mom may have snuck some, too. He also delivered cute matchy matchy dresses for the girls.

Here are the girls opening their baskets. Do you love Gretta's 'do?

And here's Miss Gigi showing me an extreme close up of her new bunny. She says "Ooh ooh, Aah aah", like it's a monkey. Whatever. It's soft and fluffy, what does she care that it's not her toy monkey?

We were treated to a special choir program at church, for which we were 20 minutes late due to dad ironing his new shirt and pants. After church we had linner (lunch/dinner, get it?) at our friends house. Ribs with Au Gratin potatoes and rolls. Very Eastery. I made a yummy cool whip and pineapple angel food cake recipe that was featured in this months Kraft Foods magazine/mailer. Very delish.

Pretty much a regular Easter Sunday, except this was the first "real" Holiday spent away from our families. It's definitely a strange feeling being away from "home". It's not like homesickness like in college or girls' camp, it's more than that and less than that all at the same time. I enjoy having my little family traditions started, but I miss the chaos that is "Grandma's house". I guess it just makes the memories that much sweeter. Sniff sniff.

*I seem to have used an exceptional amount of "" , (), and / in this post. Feel free to report punctuation overuse to the appropriate authorities.

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