Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Have you seen it?

It would seem I have successfully hacked up a lung. I'm thinking I may need that later in life.

I love being sick. I held this cold off for as long as I could, but after Team Keli left, and I entered my post family funk, it hit me full force. Last night I slumbered peacefully in my NyQuil coma, but as soon as my alarm went off this morning, the coughing began again. I've started to make a kind of game out of it. I like to see what color the phlegm will be. Hey, I always look on the bright side, you know that.

Now my house has gone to hell, and my kids look like orphans, and I have no energy to care about any of that. I'm out of Diet Pepsi, and chocolate, and I need to go to the store. What's a girl to do? I guess I'll throw on the same clothes I've been wearing since Monday, stained shirt and all, and head to Wal-Mart. I may not even have to get the baby dressed. It is only Wal-Mart after all, she'll fit right in in her diaper and unsnapped onesie. On top of all that, I have to think about what's for dinner tonight. That alone causes a coughing fit, almost as if in attempt to bypass the dinner making all together. I guess I can always pick up a whole roasted chicken for dinner. That's always a crowd pleaser. Peel up some taters, and cook some frozen corn, and that there's a meal. I feel better already.

I hope you have a coughing fit free day. And just in case you don't, check out the phlegm and think of me.

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