Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break Crafts

Since we're off school This.Whole.Week, I've decided to be a good little mom and make sure my kids have something to do each day. Yesterday we started off with a bang by making foam board doll houses. They turned out pretty cute, but were way more work than I had anticipated. Cutting the foam board dulled my craft knife in 2 seconds flat, so I was left using my fabric cutter and mostly just sort of bending and ripping it. No biggie, they're just kids. But since we had plenty of cute paper to cover the board, and plenty of cute magazine cut outs for furniture and accessories, it all came out fine.

Here's Emma and her friends Shivvani and Mary Kate. Partners in crime.

And here's the finished product. It was funny to see how the girls reacted to not having any "rules" for what they could put in their houses. They kept asking if they could use this or that, and I just kept reiterating the fact that when it comes to crafts, you just do what you like. No rules. Towards the end of the project, they really got the gist of this, and just started cutting and pasting whatever they wanted. It was fun to see what they picked out.

Thanks to NieNie and Cookie Magazine for the inspiration.

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