Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wicked Weekend

Well, it's come and gone. Team Keli visited this weekend, and we had a total blast. The entire weekend was packed with excitement, as it always is when 5 girls get together. But first things first. I got new furniture! Yay! It arrived a mere hours before TK, so it was close, but it made it. I'm glad, since we needed the extra space for the kiddies to play. Here it is, the blue suede sofa and the circle chair. I never thought I would own anything blue. I thought I was too traumatized from Mommas house all those years with blue carpet, furniture, drapes, you name it. But I guess not. I love it.

Now, on to the weekend. Of course, many, many fun things were had, said, and seen, but there were a few highlights for each of us. This weekend included:
  • Gracie taking a few steps.
  • Meg stuffing her face with a huge waffle.
  • Jill asking "What are those honking birds?" Emphasis on honking.
  • Kelli needing an angry local to translate her popcorn order for her.
  • The Wicked theater bringing me to tears. Literally. ;)
  • And Momma, well, what can I say about her? She's the best. I think she only beat up the baby once in an attempt to pick up the check, and she hails cabs even when they're full. I'm pretty sure I embarrassed her more than once, but she secretly loves it. My girls miss her already, and are asking when she's coming back. Of course, I'm doing the same.

Here's Team Keli, sans Keli. Jill with Gracie, Momma, Kelli, and Meg. It was tough letting them leave. And I'm not sure when I'll get to the point where I don't cry all day after they do, but it's worth it to have them here. So thanks for everything, gals. I love you guys!

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