Friday, March 21, 2008

First day of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of Spring. To celebrate, we headed to the newly thawed neighborhood park. We loaded up the trusty red wagon, and headed on over. It was a perfect park day. Sunny, breezy, and cool. The kids played and played and played. Maggie even got brave enough to go down the biggest slide! I was very proud. Gretta enjoyed the slides, too.

But she especially loved the swing. She kept putting her arms out the leg holes and laughing her butt off. She's such a silly kid.

Maggie getting her slide on.

Emma showing how "brave" she is. Such a dork.

Afterwards, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for the District 41 fund raiser night. It was packed, and the food was eh. We then celebrated this first day of Spring further by sending the kids to bed early, and retiring early ourselves. Ah, sleep.

Gretta obviously didn't get the whole sleep memo thing, because for some reason she was awake from 12:45 until 4:00, when Sean finally put her in the Pack N' Play that still resides in my closet. She slept for a couple of hours, but then woke back up at 6:30. WHY!!!

Honestly, I think she's getting the two top teeth, and I'm pretty sure she's miserable. But Sean's home from work today due to Good Friday, so we thought we'd head to the City for some Planetarium action. But apparently Mother Nature didn't get the first day of Spring memo either, since it snowed 6" last night. Hopefully we can salvage some of our Holiday.

Happy Easter!

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