Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cool Water

Sunday I was still convalescing from the triple molectomy, so instead of churching it, we decided to take a drive. I wasn't really up to showing off my 10 stitches and all the scabbing that has since ensued, so I thought staying under cover and out of sight was probably a good idea.

We arrived at Tibble Fork Reservoir, and it was actually full! I haven't seen it full for years, so it was a nice surprise. The weather was awesome, warm and breezy, and the kids (Sean) had a blast throwing rocks (boulders) into the water.

We decided that since Monday was supposed to be nice, too, we might as well get our $6 worth of the 3 day entrance fee and head back with the kayak and some snacks and make a day of it.

Kids on our Sunday drive.

Monday we left at 10ish and picked up Troy and Kelli's kids. We all headed up the canyon with swimsuits and towels (completely unnecessary since the water was freezing), snacks, drinks, chairs, lunch, and of course the kayak. Not surprisingly Madison and Emma were the first ones to head out on the boat. They paddled to the opposite shore and back, and then the other kids all took turns.

Emma and Madison

Madison and Gabe

We hung around for a few hours, then came back home to lawn mowing and sandbox playing. The kids finally donned their suits, fired up the hose, and proceeded to make a mud pit out of the sand box. It was just like old times.

I love that my kids get along with their cousins so well. They play so well together, there is nary a sideways glance. They are all good kids, and all love to play outside, inside, sideways, doesn't really matter as long as they get to play together.

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Jill Johnson said...

It's funny that the girls are in tank tops and there is snow in the background. Hee Hee. Sounds Fun!

Kelli said...

My kids had soooo much fun! Thanks for taking them.

Kathie said...

COUSIN is a magical word!! I should know:) (even if it's second cousin or is it third? who cares!:))