Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun For Friday

Today I go under the knife. A triple molectomy. Not really sure how this is going to play out since the last time I had a molectomy half my face was numb for most of the day.

Here's some close ups that I know you're dying to see.

Mole numero uno. Next to my eye. I'm sure taking this one off will make my eye look all droopy like I've had a stroke. That should be fun.

Mole numero dos. This picture isn't great, not that any of them are, but I'm sure getting this one whacked will make me feel like I can't breathe since it's right by my nose. That, coupled with my droopy stroke eye will be an interesting combination.

And finally, the winner, the reason this whole molectomy journey even began. Mole numero tres. This bad boy has been with me my whole life, but in the last few years has gone from a little cute beauty mark, to an angry raised bump that makes me look mean. It bleeds and scabs and it's just really gross. So take this, along with numeros uno y dos, and my whole face will be numbed and wacky. I'm sure this one will make my lip look droopy, so there may be some drool associated with it's removal.

Good times ahead. I'll be sure to post after pics, don't worry.

Happy Friday!

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nikkipicky said...

Good luck with the droopy face and drooling. Pictures are always a know for posterity.

Kathie said...

are you really just having a "face lift" and don't want to admit it? Good luck with the mole removal!

mandee said...

It takes a certain talent to have moles like that and look as good as you do! Love it! Good luck and I hope Sean is nice to you!

amy k said...

I hope it wasn't too painful!

grannybabs said...

Gosh, you seem to have everything happening to you!!

Hope there are some plusses in there - like cards, flowers, meals brought in, etc.

Take care!!