Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Working Girl

I have 2 jobs now. Well, 3 if you count being a wife and mother and superhero. Wait, that's like, um, 5? I don't know, I don't do math. But I write for, as you all know, and in addition to all those other things, I have a job that actually pays me money! I know, it's this new fangled idear. I mean I guess one of us parents should be working, right?

So I'm officially a salon owner. It's called The Back Porch ( blog, prices, and before and after pictures coming soon), and it's a cute little salon in Riverton. I do it all. Cuts, colors of all kinds, waxing, and even a perm (if you're stuck in 1990, in which case I'll probably talk you into some other hair style because those kinds of perms are just nasty), if you're lucky.

So feel free to email me at, or my usual email,, and we'll set you up for a day o' beauty.

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grannybabs said...

I wish I lived in Utah!! My hair cutting gal moved away - and I have not found a suitable replacement!!

Kate said...

WOWZER!! And to think that I used to get it for free. Cant wait to see pictures. And for a call back ;)

mandee said...

I hope it feels good to be back! You are the best there is around so I wish you all the best!

twfreder said...

I love my haircut! It is growing out beautifully. Thanks again!