Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home Improvements

Today I have pictures! Yay for crappy cell phone pictures! But hey, it's better than nothing, right?

We have issues in this house. I love being back "home", but there are things that I grew up with that never bothered me, until now, being back as an adult.

Two major things are the bathrooms. Oh boy, did they need some help. The first thing that had to go was the curtains. I use the term loosely as you'll soon see.

See? Redneck curtains. Now, I can't even imagine how long those towels have been there, but I'm guessing somewhere in the ballpark of 10 years. Now that's getting your $3.99 worth out of a towel, right?

So my new adulthood eyes thought those should come down and be replaced by something cuter, if not more functional. So we made these.

Isn't that better? Material Girls in South Jordan has the cutest fabric, and totally worth the prices. Note that the sill still needs to be installed, but that's been missing for oh, 6 years, so I'm not betting on that happening any time soon, and I'm fine with that.

Here's the guest bath before. The tile is green and white, the walls are purple and the towel is yellow-ish. It's a lovely place to relax. Not. So as much as I (and everyone else) was sad to see Yellow Towel go, it had to be replaced.

Here is it's replacement in all it's glory. It's a cute light purple to match the walls, and I'll make a contrasting green and purple valance and trim to go with it to tie all the pretty colors together.

I have to give a huge shout out to Sean for doing these. He's the math guy at our house, and since there's a lot of math involved with adding the rings to the back in decreasing spacing increments, I left that up to him. Plus, there was drilling. I can use a drill, but it still scares me, I'll be honest.

So there you have it. Improvements.

Stay tuned for a special edition of FFF tomorrow, starring yours truly. I'm really putting it all out there for you, so you don't want to miss it!

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Tina said...

I love that there is a valance over the towel. these came out really cute - you should post a tute on how you made them, i would love to learn how.

grannybabs said...

Nice window treatments - I grew up with "towels" for curtains - and we pretty much used them as towels too - not a pretty sight sometimes!

nikkipicky said...

LOVE IT!!! That is classic with the valance and towel. The new ones look darling.

"Don't tease about FFF!!" Now it's really ganna havta be somthin' awesome. ;)

Alice said...

Everything looks so much better. Kudos to you and Sean.

Kelley Rae said...

Nice job on the curtains - they turned out great. Lucky you to be down the street from Material Girls - my absolute fav!!