Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It Is Done

Well, I did it. Yesterday I dropped the official home schooling affidavit in the mail. It was signed, notarized, and included a SASE for the district to send me back a signed copy.

I have to admit, I was nervous.

I mean this is a huge undertaking. What if I screw it up and my kid ends up a complete idiot unable to read or write, and it's all my fault? Yeah, I'm a freak.

I feel confident in a weird way, though, because I've read every home school book offered in the 2 libraries that are close to me. I've also scoured 3 Barnes and Noble's and pored over every book I can find on the subject.

I don't think I even did this much research when I was pregnant. Ever. Combined with all 3 pregnancies. What does that say about me?

So starting on Wednesday, Maggie will officially begin home schooling. She'll have a bit of a "deschooling" period where she'll just want to play and have fun and not really do anything "schooly", and that's completely normal and okay. Will you please remind me that I said that when weeks have gone by and I don't think I've taught her one thing?

I just can't believe it's done, and we're on to this new chapter. I'm thinking I'll start a home school blog to chronicle our daily life, so when/if I do, I'll let you know. I know, you're on the edge of your seats.

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grannybabs said...

I will be interested in your assessment.

ClistyB said...

Is there a certain curriculum you decided to go with?

Shannon Watson said...

Enjoy the adventure. :) And yes, you will have moments of doubt - all par for the course. I think you both will come to love being together, more than you might imagine. :D

bet[c] said...

we had about a year (probably a bit more) of "deschooling". Now, after doing this with Toby for nearly two school years, I've finally figured out the best way for him. Hopefully, your learning curve will be a little faster. Good luck. I am interested in your experience with your younger girls. I am contemplating homeschooling Hazel. But still not sure if I'm ready for that much hands on/commitment. I admire you for taking the plunge.

DAY said...

that's awesome!! i too am planning on doing it next school year with Whitney and Ryan. i have a plethora of reasons of which i'll spare you. but it is a huge undertaking and i too feel nervous/excited. nervous that i'll fail my kids at educating them, but excited for the new adventure that awaits! and i'm sure it's going to be some adventure! Ü p.s. are u considering homeschooling Emma as well or just Maggie for now?

Alice said...

I wish you the best. In hindsight, we wish that we would have homeschooled in Mongolia. It certainly would have been better than the school there. Good Luck.

Kelley Rae said...

Way to go - and good luck!! It's amazing how many people are turning to this, and I can definitely see why. We're starting to wonder if we can even afford public school, let alone if it'll even be the best option for MaKell. I'd definitely be interested to see how you go about doing it.