Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Movie Review

Today we saw DisneyNature's Oceans. I'm giving it 2 stars out of 5. Not great, I know, but I have my reasons, and they have little to do with the actual movie.

First off, I ran yesterday. I know, I'm so proud of myself. But turns out, us fat chicks, we get winded when we run, and after I got home, I couldn't catch my breath. So I popped a Singulair. Then my nose wouldn't quit, so I popped a Zyrtec. This was at about 6:00 PM.

By 3:00 AM this morning, I was so agitated I wanted to rip my skin off. My legs were so restless, my head was going in 20 different directions, and I couldn't calm myself down. I ended up watching Awakenings, ironic, I know, until I dozed back off on the couch at 6.

Enter movie time this afternoon. Still agitated, bitchy and down right miserable. I thought getting out and getting my mind off the jitters would do me some good. Well, about half way through the movie I couldn't take it anymore, so I had to get up and move. I ended up pacing back and forth for the last half of the movie.

Really, it was a great show. The pictures are amazing. The story, not great. It's a little disconnected since they don't follow any sort of pattern with the animals (i.e. focusing on one particular region for a while, then segueing to another, or even sticking with one particular type of sea animal, the food chain, cycle of life, etc.) Plus, it was narrated by Pierce Brosnan, and I was sort of hoping he would break into song, a la Mamma Mia. He didn't.

It was a nice treat for the kids, and I like the fact that they learned something from it. Afterward, they were all talking at once about their respective favorite parts, and that makes the homeschooling mama in me very proud.

So if you need an out in the next couple of crappy weather days, take your kids to see this movie. Just sneak in some candy and save yourself a few bucks. Come on, you know you all do it!

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grannybabs said...

The 6th grade students at our school went as a group last week - all 180 of them!! We are within walking distance of the movie house, so we do this sometimes. The kids enjoy it - and it's a cheap field trip. They mostly enjoyed it.