Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Fun

Okay, I feel like I need to indulge my grief a little here. It's almost like I can ignore it for a few days, but then it ambushes me, and I get completely overwhelmed. So in the interest of my mental health, I've decided to turn Friday Fun into a version of memory and laughter.

I will be highlighting Nikki and her Noorda Notables. I have no idea where she keeps these memories, because most of them had been long forgotten and stuffed away in the basement of my brain. So thank you, Nikki, for giving me a day of posting without much thought, but still conjuring up wonderful memories of my family. You're saving my sanity, and possibly my marriage! *don't read too much into that, you know who you are. there is no divorce action going on, so spare the rumor mill already.

Get on with it!

Way back when...about 24 yrs ago we had a combined YMYW activity where we were all given tickets to spend at booths in a carnival atmosphere. Away we all went spending our tickets on games etc. There were booths relating to scriptures and other gospel related things, pfft, who wanted to visit those. :) Well after a time the lights flashed and thunder sounded and the stage curtains opened up and there sat three men in white, Judgment Day! We were judged by our number of tickets, then divided into degrees of Glory. If you were sent to outer darkness you encountered Danny. It was....a dark classroom with no windows (the one that used to be by the bathroom), Electric Heaters and Flyswatters. Yes dark, heat and if you talked you were hit with a flyswatter. What should have been He** was actually so much fun, how can you not have fun being swatted with a flyswatter by Danny! :) Those of you who dont remember this probably made better use of your tickets than I! :)

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