Monday, September 29, 2008

In Which I Liken The Gospel Unto Vampires

You may or may not know that I, too, am now entrenched in the Twilight book series. I read all 4 of them, sans The Host, in a little over a week. But I guess The Host isn't really in the series, so that goes without saying. But I digress. My Mom had just died, and I needed a little distraction. Still living at Chateau Clayton, and enjoying the fact that Gretta thinks Grandpa lives and breathes for her happiness, I took full advantage of my down time and gobbled up book after book. Don't worry, I'm not giving you the reviews. I certainly don't put it up there as "literature" in the classic sense, but it occupied time that might otherwise have been spent crying. Or worse, stuffing my face with chocolate.

Yesterday in RS, Dubya taught our lesson. She's so wonderful. She even had a cellist to add some spiritual punctuation to her lesson. As we are learning about the Principles of the Gospel, it comes up that new members are especially in need of support from the other Ward members. They need them there to shore them up when the spiritual high wears off. To help them through the tough times, and to lead them and guide them through the subtle ins and outs of our religion.

This is when I lean next to my neighbor, Shylo*, and say,
"Kinda like the Twilight series, isn't it?"

She responds,
"Did you just refer to Vampires during our lesson?"

I say,
"Yes. Yes I did. You're welcome."

And the door to Hell is opened.

And to think, a reference to Stephenie Meyer during church, and I'm not even in a BYU Ward!

*Shylo and I sat together during Sunday School. When RS started, she asked if she could still sit by me, or if I would get sick of her. I bet it's the other way around now!

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