Thursday, September 18, 2008

White Girls

A few weeks ago, we attended the Latin Festival in Chicago's lovely downtown. I love the city. I would totally live in the city, waterfront of course, if I didn't think my kids would be the whitest girls around, or have the possibility of being one of 27 Public School students shot this year. Really, 27. So far. And school's been in, what, like 4 weeks? Damn guns.

But here are my chica's. They were loving the festival. They loved the music, the food, and the Manzanita Sol. In fact, Emma hounded us to buy some for a week afterward. She has good taste, what can I say.

After the festival and all the appreciation that comes from people watching, we headed over to the Shedd Aquarium. We have a season pass, so we thought we'd swing in for an hour or two before we headed back to the parking garage. As an aside, did you realize ( I did not) that it costs $25 a day (!) to park in the downtown area? Crazy! While watching the Kimodo Dragon to make it's move on the strategically placed prey, I had a little anxiety moment. Too.Many.Strollers.And.Kids.In.Baby.Bjorns! Really, they have that stupid petrified dinosaur looking thing in a room the size of my closet, and they expect us to enjoy that experience? I guess it's a good thing the aquarium is remodeling this winter. So needless to say, after that I needed a dose of serious medicine, so off to Baskin Robbins it was. Ah, serenity. Doesn't that word remind you of Fergie's "Big Girl's Don't Cry"? Me too.

So that's it for today. And yesterday, apparently. Man, I can't remember the last time I was too busy to sit and blog for a minute. I guess I should start taking advantage of the post-date posting option, huh? I'm hoping to get my camera battery charged up, and put up some wicked cute pics of a new little bizzeenass I have going with neighbor Kate. We are just so darn creative, it's scary.

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