Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Okay, People

You may have noticed my "Peeps" list on my sidebar. Many of you that read this blog, and comment, are over there. Because I like to give back, because I'm nice like that. Now. Let's see. I have a dilemma.

People, please. There are many of you, I won't name names, Jill and Kelli, who are featured on my "Peeps", but are no longer earning your spot there. It's been a while since you updated. I mean seriously, I know you have lives and stuff, but I also know you have 5 minutes to grant me the gift of being part of your life.

Lest you think it's just you two, notice that there are many of my Peeps that have slacked in the blog department. I feel like there is just wasted space over there now. And frankly, it gives me less and less to do each day, not having those 10 minutes to check your blog. And I like a full life, so indulge me here.

So please, for the love of Pete,


or you risk being ostracized to outer darkness, and banished from the list of Peeps. Scary, huh?

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Kelli! Your package is "in the mail", or so they say. No, really, it is.

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