Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Veggie Tales

Many of you may or may not know of my fear of veggies. One type in particular. I am very afraid of raw tomatoes. Raw tomatoes are the bane of my existence. Okay, I may be exaggerating a little here, but it's mostly for effect, so cut me some slack. But seriously, they frighten me. The smell, the texture, the feel, it all just makes me cringe, and gag a little.

Yesterday we (neighbor Kate and FFU* Noel) decided to take the entire bushel of tomatoes I bought and make Mom's salsa. I needed their help, mostly to deal with the raw tomatoes. But due to kid issues, running to and from school, naps, and pooping, I ended up having to deal with the tomatoes for a time. I came to one conclusion: they look like testicles. You may realize this is the second time in about a month that I've referenced testicles. Maybe I'm obsessed (Sugar Daddy wishes!) or maybe I just have a sick mind. Let's just say I'm not obsessed, so make your own assumptions.

So we went from these beauties

To these beauties in only 8 short hours. Granted, there are these couple of dozen, and the other few dozen Noel and Kate took. But how cute are these jars? I just fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. I drove an hour each way to get them, and they were worth every penny. They are made by Weck, and the clips just did it for me. I think Sugar Daddy was a little miffed at the cost, but what the hay, it was worth it.

And after all that work, we all felt like this. Poor G, she was just done. She literally fell asleep where she was playing. Poor little thing. She slept here on the kitchen floor for over an hour while I closed up all the jars. Honestly, it was kind of nice to not have her tugging at my pants and pulling them down. Apparently she was a little sleepy. Plus, she didn't feel good. Obviously.

So now it's chips and salsa all around. And fajitas. And tacos. And enchiladas. And anything else you can pour home made salsa over. Yummy.

*FFU- Friend From Utah. Noel and I knew of eachother in High School, but weren't close friends. She was a year older than I. At our first week in our new Ward here, she tracked me down, and ever since then we've been fast friends. The Lord definitely works in mysterious ways.

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