Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun For Friday

Let's begin this weeks Notable with a little preface. More into family history, which I know you are super excited about.

My Dad has a little bit of a wild streak in him. And I use the word "streak" lightly, here. It's so funny to me that a prude like my mom was never corrupted by him. No, she wasn't. Nope. No way. But oh boy, between my dad and his streak, Stevie and her antics, and Fred egging them on, there was no hope! For many, many years I was told that certain things were off limits to kids. The Hot Tubs at Lava Hot Springs. The Lake Powell beaches after sunset. I'm sure there are more, but I just can't remember right now. Of course, now I understand why we had been told these places were off limits, they had the right idea keeping us away! But once in a while, every so often, my dad would shed his protective skin, and "show some hair", and we would see more than we wanted. Many times Stevie was right behind him at the shoreline, waiting for him to take off skiing into the distance, and at the exact right moment, down go the drawers. I don't think this ever caused him enough anguish to even bother pulling them back up for a few minutes. So thanks to Nikki, here is another Noorda Notable. Enjoy.

Notable: Who can forget the many FULL MOONS we were privileged to see on our many water skiing trips. Full moons do look best over the water you know. Do you remember or were you to young and not easily impressed? (If you need a memory jog ask the fam) I believe I witnessed my first full moon of this variety in the presence of your family. (Oh, and can't forget the presence of Stevie and FRED)

Can anyone say HIT IT!!

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